How Studio Blu came to be

When I was starting my design business, it was very challenging to find customers. I found myself spending a lot of time on marketing, creating profiles all over and trying to manage all the social media platforms just to get my business seen. I felt like I was spending more time trying to get work than actually doing work. I also had all these beautiful portfolio images that, once people saw them, they were excited to hire me but it was difficult to get my images out there.

“I felt like I was spending more time trying to get work than actually doing work.”

At the same time, clients have to wade through a similar, stressful process. Meaning that by the time you somehow find each other, you are starting your creative and professional relationships on a negative plane.
The more I talked to other creative professionals, I realized that this isn’t a problem exclusive to my business. There really wasn’t a good platform to be able to easily find customers, let alone one where the images of my work weren’t lost in the shuffle.

This was the problem driving the creation of Studio Blu. How do you create a process for both parties that is not just pleasant but actually fun and gets everyone excited and eager?

The creation of Studio Blu was an evolution that’s still evolving. At first, we explored the idea of a website that allowed professionals to find work. However, it didn’t seem like a complete solution to the problem. Rather than sifting through profiles of people, prospective clients should be put in front of the beautiful work and let the image have a voice. That’s how the idea of an app was born.

Letisha Perry


My name is Letisha Perry, founder and CEO of Studio Blu. After years in the design and construction industry, I decided to open up my own interior design and construction firm. Today, I’ve logged 20 years of expertise and really found my passion. Nothing makes me happier than bringing a client’s style to life in their home. My company is based out of New Mexico. I’ve lived in many states and seen many more (although I haven’t been to Hawaii...guess I should get on that). I can safely say that New Mexico is one of the coolest. I am in love with the culture and beauty of it. I live here with my husband that I kind of dig, as well as an increasing number of animals. I have two of my kids working for me (which I feel so happy to be able to say) and another in the military. If I had to list what my greatest weaknesses are I would have to say my addiction to podcasts and lack of self control when it comes to carbs. But really who’s kidding, aren’t we all a little obsessed with bread?