Why Studio Blu?

For the Creative

Are you a Photographer, Interior Designer, Artist, Tattoo Artist, or other creative freelancer? Then Studio Blu is right for you! In order to answer “Why Studio Blu”, let us first ask what do you want & need? Do you need to be able to set your price without criticism? Do you need to spend more time working and less time looking for work? Do you need a network of peers and mentors? Do you want to find your ideal local client using your beautiful portfolio images?

“Studio Blu is a community that supports you...”

Studio Blu is an asset for you if you are a creative service professional, whether you are just starting to turn your art into a business or if you’ve been working at it for years. With Studio Blu you can find work locally and easily. We put the images of your work front-and-center. We are made up of creatives, so not only do we understand your struggle but we passionately work to help. Studio Blu is a community that supports you and empowers you to advocate for yourself and your brand. 

For the Client

With Studio Blu your perfect local creative professional is a swipe away! Are you looking for a local creative that can bring your vision to life? When you are seeking out creatives it can be difficult to decide where to begin. You might search on Instagram or Pinterest for the work you want only to find people from out of state or, even more heartbreaking, out of the country. Why is it that you can never seem to find someone who works just down the street?  That’s what Studio Blu can do for you. It will allow you to swipe through profiles of local creatives. When you find that perfect creative professional, Studio Blu allows you to message, hire and save images in one spot!
Let’s start swiping! Why does dating get all the fun?